Accepted Abstract



List of Accepted Abstracts

Paper ID Title
 1001 Enhancing Website Ranking in Search Engine for E-Business Using Search Engine Optimization and Sitemap Submission Model (SEOSS)
 1002  The Study of Inference Rule Pattern of Al-Quran Malay Text Translation
 1003  An Investigation on Students Acceptance towards the Usage of Video as Teaching Materials
 1004  Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM) and Financial Performance: Evidence From Malaysian Government Linked Companies (GLCs)
 1005  Digital Literacy: Do Undergraduates Read More or Less?
 1006  Effectiveness of Flipped Learning Approach On Student Achievement in an Operating System Course
 1007  Blended Learning and UiTM ESL Courses
 1008  Internal Control in A Basic Audit Concept: Smart Saic V1
 1009  The Importance to Stay Calm: The Impact Of Heart Rate Towards Performance
 1010  Peer Leadership among Archers: How Personal Characteristic and Leader Behaviour Affect Performance
 1011  Smart Trader: A Simulation Game in Accumulating Wealth
 1012  Konsep Ruang Melalui Fauna Dalam Cerita Lipur Lara :Analisis Semantik Inkuisitif
 1013  Comparison of Financial Distress Prediction Models: Evidence from Public Listed Companies in Malaysia
 1014  Teaching Load Allocation using Linear Programming: A Case Study in Mathematics Department
 1015  Computer and Internet Facilities: Urban Versus Rural Area Schools in Pahang
 1016  Using YouTube to Encourage English Learning in ESL Classrooms
 1017  Relationship between Diagnostics Test and the Performance of Business Management Students’ in Subject MAT112
 1018  The impact of Interactive Economics Game Board towards Students’ Academic Performance
 1019  Factors Determining on Customer Satisfaction towards the Food Service in UiTM Raub, Pahang
 1020  Perbandingan Stilistik Al-Quran Dengan Kajian Stilistik Melayu
 1021  Students’ Acceptance on the Implementation of Computer-Based Listening Test (CBLT)
 1022 The Uncontrollable Input Strategy Improvement using NCNI-I Model
 1023  Akta Badan-Badan Berkanun (Tatatertib dan Surcaj) 2000 (Akta 605): Keadilan Semulajadi di dalam Prosiding Tatatertib
1024 Learning Preferences among UiTM Students
1025 Evaluation of Library Services Using Fuzzy Approach
1026 Forecasting Tourist Arrivals Based on Fuzzy Approach with Average Length and New Base Mapping
1027 A Study of Some Factor Affecting Low Academic Performance in Operations Management Course at UiTM Raub Campus
1028 dentifying the Relationship between Mental Calculation Ability and Students’ Score in Mathematics Subject
1029 Crowdsourcing Motivation in Islamic Perspective: A Future for Low Household Income Level
1030 Crowdsourcing: A Future for Academic Retiree
1031 Exploring the Phenomenon of Absenteeism among UiTM Raub Students
1032 Flood Alert and Notification Framework for Rural Area
1033 Cloud Services Adoption in Non-Formal Learning Implementation
1034 VoIP Call Simulation on UiTM Data Network
1035 Speaking Anxiety among MDAB Students of UiTM Pahang
1036 What do we know about Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)?
1037 Common Mistakes in Basic Differentiation Topics

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